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The Tribe of Asher - Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, & Uruguay

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Present Name: South Americans

Middle Age Name: Incas

Locations: Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, Uruguay

Asher was the eighth born son of Jacob. His name means "happy"; read Genesis 30:13, "And Leah said, Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed: and she called his name Asher.

The tribe of Asher, was included in the migration of the "Ten Tribes of Israel" to the Americas.

Genesis 49:20 - "Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties. "His bread shall be fat...” is talking about the choice foods and abundance of produce located in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.


These countries are the world's biggest producers of cattle, sheep, goat, coffee, castor beans, cocoa, sugar, rice, corn and fruits.

'...He shall yield royal dainties.” dainties is referring to foods of a refined taste and exquisite clothing. The tribe of Asher (Brazilians, Colombians etc.), bring forth these royal dainties during their feasts and festivals. An example of this is the Mardi Gra; where they are renown for royal clothing, foods, pastries and cakes of a unique taste. 

Deuteronomy 33:24- "And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil.'

"Let Asher be blessed with children... "the Most High, blessed Asher with children, so his seed would not diminish, since many of the Incas were viciously murdered by the white man. Francisco Pizarro and Pedro de Alvarado, were the two main conquistadors that conquered the Incas (Asher) and stole their lands; which resulted in the slaughter and butchery of many Inca Indians. Pizarro and his army, invaded their land and kidnapped the Inca leader Atahuallpa, holding him at ransom.

After receiving the payment, he then forced Atahuallpa to convert to Catholicism, and afterward garroted and burned him in the midst of his tribesman Lamentions 5:12 "...the faces of elders were not honoured". The Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese, were heavily involved in the enslavement of the Incas (Asher). Due to high demands for slaves and the natural resources in the lands, battles were fought over these "commodities" among these four groups. The Bible, prophesied about this happening to the tribes of Israel read Lamentions 5:1-2.

Lamentions 5:2 - "Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens."  

The proof of this blessing with children today is in Brazil, where they have the largest population of children in the world. Due to a lack of foster-care, orphanages and welfare, the children are left destitute in the streets without hope, Lamentions 5:3, "We are orphans and fatherless...” These children resort to prostitution, and the robbing tourists to survive. It has gotten so bad that the Brazilian government, hires mercenaries from Argentina and Germany to round up these children, murdering them without mercy. 

"Let him be acceptable to his brethren... "The children of Asher, have been reduced to a primitive state throughout the jungles of the Amazon. Within the jungle they have developed a culture contrary to the Bible; such as putting bones in their noses, lips and ears, cannibalism and eating tarantulas, alligators and snakes. These things have made the tribe of Asher (Colombians, Brazilians and Peruvians) unacceptable to the other tribes of Israel, as being the same people.

"...Let him dip his foot in oil…" When you examine all the lands that the Incas (Asher) occupied, from Colombia to Uruguay, they were filled with plenty of oil. Out of all the lands the largest output of crude oil resources in the Americas is found in Colombia.

Verse 25 - 'Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.

"Thy shoes shall be iron and brass" Meaning Asher, would be standing on a lot of mineral resources like; iron, brass, chromium, nickel, tin and copper.

NOTE: The Hebrew word for iron is Ba-ra-zal (Brazil).

Verse 25 continues -

“...and as thy days be so shall thy strength be…", meaning Asher would be a

strong tribe. Here is Archeological proof that the Inca Indians are from the tribe of Asher. The following is from a tablet found in Brazil. It was originally written in Hebrew, and gives a detailed account of the voyage to the Americas, and of the location of this tribe when they were in their homeland (Israel). Found in a book entitled; "Feats and Wisdom of the Ancient#' by Time Life Books on page 118:

"We are sons of Canaan (name of land before the Israelites obtained it; at times is used referring to Israelites) from Sidon (ancient seaport city and was a part of the land given to Asher) begins the manuscript. It is written in a Phoenician (punic, often used in reference to Israelites) language (hebrew) used some 500 years ago before the birth of Christ. In only eight lines it tells a story of a voyage around Africa, of storm, human sacrifice and salvation of what is now Brazil.

"Until the late 1960's, the case seemed settled and was virtually forgotten. Cyrus Gordan, an American scholar of Semitic languages studied the text and declared it authentic. Similarities between the incription and Hebrew" This is how we know that the Israelites wrote what was on the tablet and that it was not written by the actual Canaanites, because they (Canaanites/South Africans) are Hamitic not Semitic; read Genesis 10:6. The Israelites are Semitic. The tribe of Asher (Brazilians), left this record of their journey from Israel to the New World".  We know this because the tablet said; "...from Sidon.. ; Sidon was an area where Asher dwelt, read Joshua 9:24-28.

In 1872, Ladislav Neto, the director of Brazil's National Museum of Rio de Janiero, received from a colleague a copy of a letter. Its author, who was neverfound, described a stone tablet unearthed by workers on a plantation in Pariba-now called Joao Pessoa- at Brazil's easternmost tip, Neto, putting aside his initial doubts about the inscription, published the text in 1874... Cyrus Gordan, and American scholar of Semitic languages studied the text and declared it authentic. Similarities between the inscription and ancient Hebrew has since been documented.

Page 113 and 118 says, "A comet for the Jews" this is one example of many other artifacts found throughout the America's by the Israelites now called Indians and Negroes.

History of the American Indians by James Adair pages 223 and 226, "Acostawrites, that the clothes of the South American Indians are shaped like those of the ancient Jews,... and the Rev. Mr. Thorogood 1650, observes that this is a proof of some weight in showing their original descent.  Late, in his description of America, and Escarbotus, assure us, they often heard the South American Indians to repeat the sacred word HALLELUJAH,...the Peruvians had one temple consecrated to the creator of the world; besides four other religious places, in resemblance of the Jewish synagogues. And Malvenda says, the American idols were mitred, as Aaron (the High Priest) was.

He likewise affirms that the natives observed a year of jubilee, according to the usage of the Israelites. 

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